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I'm here! hah.. I'm leaving Seattle in exactly 5 days. It makes me kinda sad, but hey.. my mom will come to visit me in MI! It's nice, no? So I'm going to live in the large single room on North Campus with ICC.. It's more expensive than the places in central campus, but we do get our own professional chef and the place is .. quieter? I'm not sure, a lot of ppl staying there are grad students. The rent will be around $800/mo including food, utilities, and laundry. It's not a bad deal since I get all-you-can-watch laundry xD!!!

Packing is annoying.. It has been annoying... And moving w/o a car = hell? Haha.. I seriously need to move my ass faster tho... god.. I haven't done much packing xD.... or.. Dx.. 

Anyways, this is a temporary goodbye to everyone...

update update

I hung out with David, Liz, Amanda (Liz's gf) and other ppl yesterday (sorry cuz I can't remember their names..). It was fun~ other than the fact that it was noisy there and I had to talk really loud, which i haven't done for a while. Therefore, now my throat hurts.. either that or it's cuz i didn't drink the chaser.... I dunno, water was spilled? :P! And also I lack that common sense of drinking.. oh well~ Just one drink but I was dizzy..

Good times other than the fact that I was shocked to know that Liz is dating a girl still :P~~ (somehow I thought she would alternate every now and then LOL)~ but ya, she seems good for her :D!! I talked to david quite a lot and he promised us that he'll come back again before he leaves and we'll go clubbbbbbing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WOOOoooooooooooooooooo :D!! It would be like my last chance to club before I'm TOO OLD, I bet.. haha~ Damn ..

Btw I'm gonna jog with my friend Mark tomorrow.. He said he would be easy on me.. but god he ran 12 miles last time. I wonder what's easy for him. Hmm.. 10 mile? >>.... *dies* GOD BLESS :3

ps. David shall not forget to meet up with Hsiao next time since we all know that you will definitely find a job over there and won't come back soon TT A TT!!

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I haven't updated this for a while (geez this line is always the starting sentence of my posts) and I just decided that I should do it. Joey came to see me last weekend since it was Easter and his sis and mom went back to HK. We went to EMP and the zoo. EMP was kinda boring despite the fact that we got to play the real electronic guitar ._.! Maybe it would be better if we went to the pacific science center.. at least kiddy exhibits aren't boring and we get to see the IMAX movie.. oh well ;3. The zoo was packed with lil kids because it was Easter and they had a bunny hunt event. But I'm a lazy ass (and so is joey), so the event was almost over when we got there (which is like 2 hrs before it closes hahah!). It was still fun.. i got to touch the bunny again~

I'm quitting my barista job in 2 weeks. I'm gonna go back to Taiwan for a month, then just plan for moving to Michigan when I come back. I accepted Michigan's offer because of the free tuition and free health care by being an RA. It's about 34k for 2 quaters... plus about 2k per month for 7 months.. so it's about 48k per year already.. I'll also do research in the summer, so I will probably make more.. but the thing is, if I go to Harvard, the most they can do is to give me $3.5k/month for TA/RA jobs for 9 months, that makes 31.5k.. even tho the tuition of two schools are very similar, the living cost of Boston is also way much higher. It costs more than 1k per person for rent.. I think I can live with inconvenience ..

The professor that I'll be doing research with .. is Galen's nephew. He's really nice and apparently a star in Statistical Genetics. I really look forward to work with him. The only disadvantage of not going to Harvard is that Boston is 4 hrs away from NYC, so if I go there I could go visit my teacher friend as often as I want for $30/round trip by bus. I think I'll miss her.. she's really nice to me.. and she has always been nice to me..

ps. I started to keep track of the food that I eat and the exercises that I've done everyday through Sparkpeople.com! It's really an useful website and it's really easy to use! I've tried a couple similar websites, but none of them are like super easy to use as sparkpeople.com.. haha.. I've lost a few lbs already (but u can't tell since I gained a couple lbs earlier).. so yea~~~ I hope I can stick to it LOL!!! XD

How's everyone doing? I wish to see everyone at least once before I leave for Michigan.. I think I will leave around July/August.. and I will also try to learn how to drive as well, so I can move my shit >>
Even though I talk about wanting to go back to Taiwan, I still have some problem because joey feels uncomfortable when I told him about that idea. For some reason he doesn't want me to go back there. Either the idea that I will be really far away or the idea that I won't be able to talk to him as much as he wants scares him. He, however, doesn't know how to explain this to me. I still need to talk to him though.. I miss my family.. my grandma and mom especially.. and my dad.. even tho he always asks 999 questions haha :3

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I just came back from Michigan, and I gotta say Ann Arbor isn't the most convenient place to live esp. for someone like me who lived in Seattle for the last 8 years. They don't have a movie theater nor department store (you have to drive to get to one)... And there aren't many stores.. The campus is huge which consists of three parts.. it's freaking cold over there, and the road are huge... @ 0 @

The program, however, is very nice... They have a really strong MS program and all the graduates got multiple job offers.. It's a good news for me.. But then I still wish Harvard would give me scholarship or TA/RAship... then I can just get my ass there and live happily and visit NY every now and then... :3333

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I booked my ticket to Michigan yesterday for the open house in 2 weeks yesterday, then today I got an email from Harvard and I got in.. Anyways I dunno if they'll provide funding or not.. so I'm still going to Michigan for Open House. I'm also going to Harvard for their open house as well... @@

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I got recommended for graduate admission at University of Michigan- Ann Arbor biostat program (#5 in US)  :D! In that case if nothing went wrong and if nowhere else accepted me, I will be in Michigan next fall :O! 


I've been working my butt off (usually 47 hrs+ /week). I also have a coworker who gives me rides, so I don't need to worry about the bus fare or the time, which is nice. He's also one of the smartest person that I've ever seen.. 4 masters in different areas with multiple computing skills, including designing a comp chip, direct tv system, and other stuff... He's probably the most interesting person that I've met at work, besides the guy who's 37 that's dating 18 and 19 year olds... O-O"

I've been having fun with the dogs at the office.. I learned to be more assertive with them.. I also found out that dogs love food too much that they will just follow you anywhere if you have food in your hands... -_-...for example, I was feeding the big dog a spoonful of peanut butter, and he dropped some on my jeans, then afterwards he was licking my jeans.. and i had to tell him to stop - - ... *speeeeeechless*.. hungry dogs and their food >:O

And I just deleted RO this morning. You know, what's gotta stop need to be stopped, so that's been taken care of. No addition of games for now for me, well, at least for another 3 months.

But um, I do, however, keep contact with my RO friends. I check the forum every now and then, and I also sing with two of my friends that I met on RO who quit it even before I did. We do it on Friday on my friend's vent, and it's pretty funny cuz at first they usually refuse to sing, but now they sing two songs in a row w/o saying anything.. lmao.. i guess i've trained them well >:D

I miss you all, how's everyone doing? (and yes, I did check some posts.. I don't remember much besides the fact that Marysia got a job, David was stuck at the library and still dunno what to do with his life and Jack complained about the classes being shitty! xD) 


ps. Yeah i know.. i ps too much.. Well, I realize my craving for bubble tea has gone.. It's like I won't even think about it or want to drink it even if i thought about it.. it's strange since I've always had it for the past few years.. well, I guess work changes ppl Dx


Hmmmmmmmmmmm what's going on... let's see..

1) www.eecs.umich.edu/~dmackay/troxed1.swf
Got that from my RO-bf who used to play WOW before.. He apparently had a really crazy GM and it's kinda funny to hear him swearing :P.. But thank god none of the RO GMs that I've met are that crazy =D

2) One of my RO friend is going to PAX and he asked me to go there and meet him in person for like 3 times..-_-.. I don't think I will go just cuz.. I don't wanna meet him in person :P

3) My acne problem is getting worse.. I need to "UNLAZY" myself to have a better skin.. also, I need to sleep earlier :x

4) I check my LJ like every 2 weeks, so I probably wont' respond you until you forget about that you responded to the post :O


I feel like a hermit in these days cuz I'm too concentrated on gaming in these days =X... well, I still applied for a couple of jobs each day, but yeah, who knows = =... Also, I played too much that I got lazy to eat, so I've lost 1-2 lbs = = .. OH yeah, I started tutoring a 4th grade kid math, and he's really adorable! But he got distracted in the end of our first session o_O.. well, I guess I will have to make him focused =X.. But yeah, it's good that I have something to do even tho it's usually like 4 hrs/week? ha = = ..

Btw, I love RO =).. I socialize on there now lol... Also, i NEED to sleep early, that's my goal for today..